2017 Pedaling for Payson

Matching Gifts

Want your donation to go further and count double?  Contact your employers Human Resources Department to determine if they have a matching gifts program.

All you have to do is get the paperwork from your employer and fill it out.  Some employers have you send the paperwork to us, and some send it in themselves, but in either case YOU need to get the paperwork started.

AND ask those individuals who donate to you if they work for a corporation that matches gifts.  Helping your donors get matching gifts from their company has HUGE potential!

If you need to send in paperwork to us please send it to:

Concord Hospital Trust
Rock 'N Race
250 Pleasant Street
Concord, NH  03301

If you need verification from us or a copy of our W-9 form, please contact us by either calling (603) 227-7162 or emailing us at chtrustevent@crhc.or

The tax id number for Concord Hospital Trust is 26-0378710.