2017 Pedaling for Payson

The Rhinoceri

Why "The Rhinoceri" you ask. I am dedicating this years ride to my good freind and lover of all things humorous Susan Palmer Terry and her husband Clyde Terry. At this point Susan is in the final stages of her 10+ years battle with cancer. She has defied all the odds and continues to amaze us all. The rhinoceros is a beloved Palmer Terry symbol of strength and perseverence and came to be when her brother, Michael Palmer, when asked how he came up with the ideas for his novels he replied, it's like making rhinoceros stew, first you need to find the rhinoceros. My personal rhino is to be there and provide strength and support for the Terry family going forward. 

Funds raised through the 12th annual Pedaling for Payson will benefit Concord Hospital Payson Center for Cancer Care.  The money raised will support our most vulnerable patients at the Payson Center for Cancer Care with the guidance of a nurse navigator, who will help them find the medical, community, and financial support they need at a time of great physical, emotional, and financial stress.  Your gift, whether it is $10, $50 or $100, goes a long way toward ensuring compassionate cancer care is available to anyone who needs it.

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