2017 Pedaling for Payson

Tour de DaySurgery


An accounting of Team Day Surgery to date...

- Tour de Day Surgery pulled in $18,330 during Pedaling For Payson's 2016 campaign and was the highest fundraising team for the event last year.  Not a new record (we achieved that in 2015 at $20,925), but nonetheless the second highest amount raiseed in P4P's eleven year history.  On the day of the ride three of the top five fundraisers were members of our team and all six of us were in the top ten.  Obviously, your generosity was paramount to our success and we hope you realize just how much we appreciated your donations. Over the past six years Tour de DaySurgery has been directly responsible for contributing over $88,000 to the Concord Hospital Trust and with your continued sponsorship in 2017 we may be able to actually boast that our collaborative efforts have resulted in over $100,000 in aid for cancer patients in treatment at the Payson Center!  

- Friends Of Day Surgery in only its second year of existence pulled in an impressive $5,695, which earned them a well deserved fourth place finish.  We helped to form this team as an opportunity to encourage friends, family, and other Concord Hospital staff members to simply get out and ride (in this event and in general) so the fact that they were able to raise some serious bucks along the way made their success all the more special.  We certainly hope this team continues to grow in 2017.

- The Team Day Surgery rest stop was for the second year in a row voted by the participating cyclists as the route's best rest stop in 2016. Thanks to the input provided by our 2015 crew we had a new location that was both safer and more visually prominent than the year prior and our 2016 volunteers came out in strong numbers with a fun Mexican theme (nothing like the image of a water cooler wearing a P4P T-shirt and a sombrero to bring a smile to a weary cyclist's face!).  The energizing spirit of everyone manning the station was most definitely a solid reflection of the unity of Concord Hospital's Day Surgery department.  Of course the incredible home baked goods supplied by our staff must have bought us more than a few votes!

We share this info with you to demonstrate our passionate devotion to the goal behind the Pedaling For Payson event...to help those members of our local community who lack the financial and/or logistcal resources to effectively treat their cancer diagnosis.  Tour de DaySurgery started because as members of a surgical department we wanted to make a difference outside our work place in the lives of the patients we saw pass through our OR doors every day.  Over time we have witnessed and heard testamony of how much impact the funds provided by Pedaling For Payson have had on a number of patients attempting to fulfill their cancer treatment care plan.  We hope you will continue to support our efforts in 2017...not so our team finds success, but rather that those Payson Center patients who are most vulnerable can benefit from your giving spirit.

$100,000 or bust by September 16th, 2017...

Thank you from all the members of Tour de DaySurgery

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